West Hurley Public Library Resources

Early 20th Century Hurley, NY – This collection profiles life in West Hurley, NY before the area was flooded to construct the Ashokan Reservoir.
Early 20th Century Olive, NY – Photos and documents related to the hamlets in the Town of Olive that were flooded to create the Ashokan Reservoir.

Dr. April Beisaw from Vassar College

Interactive Storymaps of Ashokan Reservoir History – A series of storymaps exploring the archaeology and history of the Town of Olive attempt to document a reservoir’s impacts on one town.
Boyds Corners Reservoir Storymap in Kent – New York City owns and controls lands around its 19 reservoirs
Map of the Parcels Taken for the Ashokan Reservoir
Publicly Accessible Spreadsheets and Maps
Publicly Accessible GIS of land takings

Olive Free Library Collection

The Consolidated Digital Collection of the History of the Town of Olive
We have partnered with the Historical Society of the Town of Olive, The Ashokan Center, Brunel Sculpture Park, and the Town of Olive on an extensive online collection that provides materials that give you a clearer picture of life in the Town of Olive before, during, and after the building of the Ashokan Reservoir.