Notes about Library Aide Designation

The library currently uses the designation of “clerk” for all front line staff. This is a non-competitive position when part-time. If the library switches to “library aide,” this is a competitive position when part-time. Those interested in the position should fill out a general application. The exam is title “#50101 ENTRY LEVEL CLERICAL SERIES —— OPEN-COMPETITIVE.” Two weeks before an exam is given, anyone who sent in an application will receive a notice. Ulster County Civil Service website also has a study guide for the exam.

Pay Rates – Average Wages from NYS unemployment

Average Wages from NYS unemployment
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25-4021 Librarians
43-4121 Library Assistants, Clerical
25-4031 Library Technicians

Prevailing Wages from the Federal Government
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25-4021.00 Librarians
43-4121 Library Clerks
25-4031 Library Technicians

2014 Mid-Hudson Benefits & Salary Survey