Loan Period

New DVDs – 2 weeks
Gaming Materials – 2 weeks
All other materials – 3 weeks


New DVDs – .25 per day
Gaming Materials – .25 per day
All other materials – .10 per day
Lost card replacement – $2.00

General Rules

  • Library users must present a library card to borrow materials
  • Familes will be asked to limit their borrowing to 10 West Hurley DVDs
  • After a patron owes more than ten dollars in fines or overdue charges, he/she will not be able to borrow any more materials until the charges are paid for.
  • It is the borrower’s responsibility to check the contents/condition of all materials upon checkout.
  • Borrowers who lose library materials or return them damaged beyond use or repair are required to pay the cost of replacement plus a two dollar service charge for processing.