Budget Vote and Board Election

Voting will be on Thursday, September 1, 2016 from 4-8pm in the library. Vote_ButtonsSAbsentee ballot applications are available. These must be received by 4pm on September 2nd.

The proposed budget increase of $5,334 is apportioned as follows: 5% for building/utilities expenses, 20% for operational expenses, and 75% for staff expenditures. Staff expenditures are higher than usual because the library is beginning to increase wages in expectation of the higher minimum wage and adding in more staff time for children’s programming.

Funding the proposed budget requires a budget increase of 2.9%. An owner of a $200,000 home would expect a tax increase of about $2.10. Copies of the budget are available in the library or 2017 Proposed Budget.

Annual circulation was about 28,000 items in 2015 and we appear to be on a similar pace this year. With the support of the Stewart’s Corp and Senator Cahill, we offered children the LEGO program and the Summer Reading Program. We cosponsored Big Truck Day in the spring, as well as supporting both the AARP Tax Help Program and Defensive Driving Class. We utilized a grant from Central Hudson to convert to LED lighting, which has resulted in electrical bill savings.

The library has an active Friends group which provides funding for additional materials and library facilities beyond those covered by the budget. The Friends Group fundraised to purchase new display shelving, canvas bags for new patrons, and refreshments for events.

There are two positions available on the board. The candidates running for election to the board are Barbara Callahan and Bruce Ladenheim.